Bit rot: MA in Fine Arts graduation exhibition 2018

Date & Time

Opening Date: Fri 20 Apr 2018, 6:30pm 
Exhibition period: Sat 21 Apr – Sun 6 May 2018 
Opening hours: 12:00pm – 7:00pm, Tue to Sun, closed on Mon and public holidays


Gallery 1
Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore
LASALLE, 1 McNally Street


Free admission


The LASALLE Show, Exhibition

Didier Mathieu, Gemma Kearney, Green Zeng, Henry Lee, Hilmi Johandi,
Liana Yang, Mary Summerbell, Hyung Min, Tan Ngiap Heng and Yen Phang

Bit rot presents final works by 10 graduating students from LASALLE’s influential MA Fine Arts programme. Featuring a diverse range of concepts and techniques, and media including painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and photography, the exhibition offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the very best of emerging contemporary art practice. 

The 2018 MA Fine Arts candidates entered the programme in January 2017 at different stages of their artistic careers. They have worked independently and collaboratively, with the support of LASALLE lecturers and industry guests, to challenge and extend their practice through sustained research, artistic experimentation and dialogue.

The title of this year’s exhibition, Bit rot, refers to the deterioration in the integrity of computer data stored on storage media over time. Usually considered a negative process resulting in loss or corruption, bit rot describes a process that can be significant in its effects while hidden from view. Here the term is used as a metaphor for the transformation that occurs slowly, often unseen, in artists and their practice. In emphasising matter’s vulnerability to change over time, the exhibition evokes the fluidity of the art-making process. Bit rot also references our contemporary condition of instability through several works that incorporate contingent structures and materials.

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Cover image: Courtesy Mary Summerbell, 2018


LASALLE Show 2018

Bit rot: MA in Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition is held as part of The LASALLE Show 2018.

A showcase of the works of students from Design, Fine Arts, Film, Media Arts, Dance, Music, Theatre, Art Therapy, Arts Management and Creative Writing Programmes, The LASALLE Show 2018 marks the grand finale of an artistic education in creativity and imagination, and the transformation of these young talents into professional artists in the larger creative industries ecosystem.