Prakriti Jassal

Where The Wind Blows

This was a print-making explorative series revolving around an investigation into nature from a more abstract and colourful method.

03 August 2015
Fine Arts
Prakriti Jassal
BA(Hons) Fine Arts
Art has been a passion of mine for what seem like decades now. Maybe it stems from my name, but I feel a lure and pull within me every time I am in touch with the elements of nature, and maybe that makes me create art which comes across as more raw, rather than refined. I feel the need to emulate, to appropriate my surroundings and lived experiences, and then convert that pure emotion into my art or means of expression. For me, this is one of the few ways in which I can really make my art have a language of itself, while still keeping the experiences raw and as unfiltered as possible.