Victor Paul Brang Tun

(What Is Your Name?)

People migrate and the assumption is that they bring their traditions, knowledge, and their beliefs with them. Who we are, where we live and where we belong are the fundamental questions of life. In asking these questions, we scrape the surface of many deep-seated issues such as ethnic violence, religious turmoil and cultural imperialism.

The artist traces personal and national identities in the four triptychs – TOY SOLDIERS, မင်းနာမည်ဘယ်လိုခေါ်လဲ?”(what is your name?), Nonstop, Fences  and two texts – Having heritage…while living, and The Change. 


Previously from Myanmar, the artist is now a Singaporean citizen, and though ethnically Kachin Burmese, the artist’s family does not exhibit his cultural heritage externally. Thus as the discovers the changes that he has made and the changes that were made unto him, he draws and mourns for the past that was left behind and look towards the present that continues to shape him.

01 April 2018
Victor Paul Brang Tun
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BA(Hons) Fine Arts

Victor Paul Brang Tun is an artist whose work references, incorporates and questions the realities of the world. He situates himself within the context of learning and presenting the different realities of the world and in doing so, creates works that can become a conduit of his life experiences. He draws his inspiration from the constant negotiation between identity, systems and realities.