Nicholas Tan

On Surveillance; Security, Ethics, Privacy

On Surveillance; Security, Ethics, Privacy is an exploratory project that delves into the highly debated areas of interest when surveillance is employed. Surveillance is first explored and visualised as a publication that uncovers the history of surveillance in a chronological order. It begins with surveillance that stems from the self (eyes, ears, walls) and then moves to surveillance that extends the abilities of the self (cameras, phones, computers) and finally to surveillance that tracks and observes the self (satellites, drones, people).

The areas of Security, Ethics and Privacy are then explored, discussed and visualised as fabric banners that are 50cm wide and 120 cm long, which further act as a conceptual cage that simulates positions of power with the observer similar to those of a Panopticon.

12 April 2017
Art Direction
Creative Direction
Editorial Design
Graphic Design
Nicholas Tan
BA(Hons) Design Communication

Nicholas is a Singapore-based visual communicator with an interest in Speculative and Critical design as well as surveillance and privacy. Believing that good design should be invisible and appreciated in its different forms, Nicholas likes to imagine diverse ways to communicate, through video, product, graphic design and even possibly through art.