Zhi Liang Chen

SONO - Sleep Good, Feel Good

SONO is a system which integrates a product with an accompanying app. The team discovered that by changing a person’s behaviour, it is less destructive for the user to follow. SONO thus aim to change the sleeping behaviour of the users by encouraging them to have an earlier sleeping time each night. 

The product comes with a massage feature and will play white noise through the speakers. It provides the user with a soothing experience every night. 

The accompanying app allows the user to check their own sleep insights, control the massage product, set alarm and check on a friend’s sleep status. It also comes in a day and night feature to suit different time usage.

28 November 2017
Graphic Design
Zhi Liang Chen
BA(Hons) Design Communication

Intrigued by the availability of design all around, Zhi Liang is driven to be a designer that places the audience in view before anything else. By cultivating both his and the audiences' voice into the works, he aims to create works that provide better experiences to his audience. He is highly interested in the field of UX and believes that this field will positively impact the world around him.