Nicholas Tan

Retrospective Visions

Retrospective Visions is an exhibition that that questions the expansive need for surveillance and its conflicting position as both a form of security and a remover of privacy through the lens of a speculative future set in the year 2038.

In the year 2038, life is simpler and faster than ever. The world has become a giant global integrated network of smart countries with technology embedded into every aspect of our social processes. In turn, the tools of surveillance and its processes have become more seamless and omnipresent. With surveillance closer to us now more than ever, it has become not only a form of observation and control, but also a form of protection that citizens can employ.

03 April 2018
Art Direction
Creative Direction
Editorial Design
Graphic Design
Nicholas Tan
BA(Hons) Design Communication

Nicholas is a Singapore-based visual communicator with an interest in Speculative and Critical design as well as surveillance and privacy. Believing that good design should be invisible and appreciated in its different forms, Nicholas likes to imagine diverse ways to communicate, through video, product, graphic design and even possibly through art.