Piano Voyage 2019: Myths and Legends

Piano Voyage is the annual LASALLE Classical concert series that showcases traditional repertoire in a fresh setting. A signature feature of Piano Voyage is the Improv Battle; a segment where contestants face off and improvise music on the spot according to the given theme. With emphasis on embracing originality, Piano Voyage is largely a student production, with a student committee organising under the direction of lecturers and their department head. 

Piano Voyage: Myths and Legends "Into the Underworld" (Sept. 2019) brought to life the epic tale of Orpheus through music and collaborations with students from Fine Arts and Dance. This instalment featured for the first time a Classical vocalist and a percussion ensemble, where previously were only pianists. The theme of the Underworld was further expored during the Improv Battle, with the contestants improvising over the classic Dies Irae theme, Dante's nine circles of hell, creatures from Greek mythology, and the four horsement of the apocalypse. For the finale, a stunning medley of the Avengers themes arranged for 8 hands 2 pianos and percussion ensemble brought into play the modern take on mythology and legends.

25 September 2019