Light Shadows Lines (Editorial)

John Pawson draws inspiration from the spiritual and aesthetic concepts of Buddhism. This book is thus, a collection of perspectives — a visual interpretation of his works through the play of light, shadows and lines.

The visual experiences delve into the realm of minimalism and tranquility. Pawson’s works are often perceived through the lens of another, and depicted through another’s perspective rather than his own. This freedom of art direction and variation in interpretation makes John Pawson's works beautiful and distinct.

15 April 2018
Editorial Design
Graphic Design
BA(Hons) Design Communication

A designer who is able to churn creative ideas through observations from the everyday, by actively taking notice and drawing inspiration from places and spaces. Rudy also make photos on the sidelines, and love going to art or design exhibitions/festivals. She’s a strong breakfast believer, and is still searching for the place that serves bomb ass hot wings.