Ansh Sirohi


Kalli is a short film based on the legend of the goddess Kali. As a woman in the office, Kalli is far from being taken seriously. When her last button is pushed, she detonates. 

This film won 'Best Writing in an Animated Film' at the National Youth Film Awards 2018. It was also screened at the Young Animators International Film Festival 2018, and nominated for 'Best Animation' at the Crowbar Awards 2018.

13 November 2017
Ansh Sirohi
BA(Hons) Animation Art

Ansh Sirohi is a 2D artist who specislises in 2D animation, illustration and storyboarding. She strives to create stories that resonate with and engage the audience, and is passionate about bringing ideas to life. Her film Kalli won 'Best Writing in an Animated Film' at the National Youth Film Awards 2018, and along her other film 25fps, they were both nominated for 'Best Animated Film' at the Crowbar Awards 2018. Ansh aspires to continue contributing to the international animation film industry.