Speculorb is a mirror that has three different layers that can rotate in different directions.
There are two ways to look in the mirror. The mirror is one of the primary sources of vanity.
However, for Speculorb there are two ways that the person can look into. When the mirrors
are in different directions and angles, the only thing that the person can see is parts of their
face, which shows the “beauty” of oneself, and not the whole entire scene. However when
the mirror is assembled into one round mirror, the user can not only see their whole face, but
also some parts of the scenery, which says that there are bigger things to see and appreciate
as a whole than only looking into the familiar parts of the face.

17 April 2017
Furniture Design
Product Design
Hae Jin Choi
BA(Hons) Product Design
I have lived and studied in Singapore for the past 12 years, and am presently enrolled in the BA(Hons) Degree in Product Design. I am a well-rounded individual, taking part actively in sports and social activities. I embrace a positive attitude towards work and life. Having interacted with people from diverse backgrounds, I also possess an appreciation and have a good understanding of people from different cultures.