Ann Lee

The Golden Goblet

"The Crystal Goblet" or "Printing Should Be Invisible" by typographer Beatrice Warde (1900 – 1969). The essay brings about the metaphor of how typography parallels to a crystal goblet; discussing how type should be invisible where the reader only focuses on the content – parallel to wine. Disagreeing with Warde’s stance, Ann and her team believe that type should be driven by its content. Dependent on the context, character, style, and personality of a type should be made visible in graphic design.

Their approach to this editorial addresses the duality of the type that should take under varying context through comparisons. This in which we have replaced different typography found around Singapore and reduced it to what Warde has deemed as proper typesetting. The comparison of the two shows how essential the various kinds of typography is to bring about the culture and identity of the space. In that, they stand by the metaphor of a “golden goblet”. This editorial takes on the perspective of a persona in their daily routine; journaling and reflecting on the type they see in their everyday surroundings, making comments and comparisons.

26 April 2018
Editorial Design
Ann Lee
BA(Hons) Design Communication

Ann is a young creative who is willing to step out of her comfort zone and constantly strive to improve. She loves the adrenaline rush when coming up with creative concepts and ideas.