Victor Paul Brang Tun

BA(Hons) Fine Arts
Victor Paul Brang Tun

Victor Paul Brang Tun is an artist whose work references, incorporates and questions the realities of the world. He situates himself within the context of learning and presenting the different realities of the world and in doing so, creates works that can become a conduit of his life experiences. He draws his inspiration from the constant negotiation between identity, systems and realities.

Top Skills

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Curation


Victor Paul Brang Tun
Victor Paul Brang Tun
Victor Paul Brang Tun


Gallery Assistant

Intersections Gallery Pte Ltd


Responsibilities include but not limited to, correspondence with artists from Myanmar on behalf of Intersections Gallery in both Burmese and English, translation of interviews from Burmese to English, designing of collaterals, managing relationships with collectors, taking care of logistics for exhibition set-ups, as well as handling marketing.

Dissertation / Thesis

A Case Study of Contemporary Arts in Myanmar

This dissertation explores the conditions and contexts of contemporary arts in Myanmar as a starting point for understanding the frameworks that exist within the art world. The dissertation is situated within the premise that systems and frameworks are possible to be analysed and unpacked through careful structural analysis. Semiotics study and poststructuralist art theories were used to analyse the state of the contemporary arts. Through interviews with Myanmar artists and visits to galleries and arts spaces in Myanmar, insights into the arts scene were discovered. The dissertation ultimately investigates the roles artists, institutions and audience play in continuing the narrative of contemporary arts.