Dipali Gupta

BA(Hons) Fine Arts
Dipali Gupta
Dipali Anurag (b. 1977, Bombay, India) is an artist living and practicing in Singapore. Currently finishing her BA(Hons) Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts, Dipali’s art practice is an exploration of societal constructs from the domain of the feminine. In her practice, she incorporates various mediums (drawings, performances, videos, installation), materials and objects and strives to deconstruct socially lived realities to regenerate new meanings. Her current work ‘Her Pleasure’ is an endeavour to denaturalize the muted notion of female sexuality and reorient it in an atypical manner.




Top Skills

Conceptual art, feminist art, the body, multi media, video, performance, installation, drawings, paintings, materials, objects